Privacy Policy

At Green Valley Gourmet we care and understand the importance of protecting your valuable personal information. We strive to provide and assure the most secure and safest service, whether you make your purchase online or by telephone.

The following is our privacy policy for the collection and use of personal information.

What information does Green Valley Gourmet collect?

Green Valley Gourmet collects only the information required for you to register as a customer on our website.

What information do we collect from our customers?

Personal information collected would include name, address, business license number, e-mail address, phone number. Credit card information is required only when you place an order online. This information is kept strictly confidential and is required to place an order from us online.

What do we do with the information?

Some information, such as your e-mail address, is used by us in order to provide you with any specials we may be offering from time to time. All information collected will only be used internally, and will not be distributed, sold or disclosed to any other third parties.

How does Green Valley protect your personal information?

Our website uses encrypting software technology whenever transmission of sensitive personal information such as credit card number, name and address is required. This technology encrypts the data and protects your information from being intercepted and stolen by unauthorized third parties.


Green Valley Gourmet requires you to register on our website in order to view our pricing and place orders. You will need to provide some personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address and business license number. This information will only be used internally and is NOT sold to or shared with any other companies. Subscribers to our site can “opt-out” from our site at any time. Green Valley Gourmet considers information about you strictly confidential and does not share this information with anyone outside our company. Once again, we will not sell, share, disclose, or distribute your personal information to any third parties.

Links to other Web sites

Green Valley Gourmet strives to find and make available the best quality gourmet products for you to use in your gift baskets. There may be outbound links on our website that leads the users to other gift basket related resources. Should you choose to visit these sites, you are no longer receiving information from us. Green Valley Gourmet will no longer have control over the collection, use and distribution of your information when visiting these other website, and therefore will not be liable or responsible for any action or information shared by these other web sites.

Thank you for visiting Green Valley Gourmet! We require you to have an account before purchasing product or viewing prices.